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Florida Medicare Supplement Insurance – For All Your Medicare Insurance Coverage Needs Florida Medicare Supplement Insurance – For All Your Medicare Insurance Coverage Needs

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I’m delighted you were able to find me and thank you for reaching out for more information about your Medicare coverage needs. Since most people in the United States have had health insurance as a benefit on their employer sponsored group plan, approaching Medicare for the first time and attempting to figure out the new language of this federally sponsored insurance plan can be a challenging task. Hearing various tidbits of information from friends and family can make that process even more confusing than necessary. Knowing when to exit the work force and losing work site benefits can be a difficult transition as well, especially if you had excellent health benefits for many years. Read More:

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Comparing Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

Even though the U.S. Government standardized Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) Plans back in the mid 1960’s, the Medicare Supplement quotes you receive now can vary significantly and working with an agent has absolutely no bearing on the price. In other words, the price you get by going direct with a company or with an appointed agent are identical.

You can get the exact same Medigap Insurance Plan that your friend has, but you could end up paying a different premium. Read More: